Penis extender review by Jesse McLaughlin

Hey guys!

Jesse here, bringing you another penis extender review!

After reading a little on what it’s like to wear a penis extender, as well as consider the factors you should consider when buying a penis extender, you’ve narrowed it down to a couple of choices.

Tried jelqing and stretches? Considering a penis extender?

You’re in the right place!

After all, your time and effort to try grow your own reliable penis extender device have failed or it just keeps falling apart or your penis keeps slipping out.

Here, we review the Pro-Extender penis extender, a device that characterizes the typical rod-based design.

So you arrived across the normal penis extender design – the rod-based design. Now you’re looking to see if this will perform something marvelous.

Will it work for you and be the tool that will provide you size that you can be happy with for the rest of your life? Let’s find out.

Ok, since we’re reviewing the Pro Extender – What is it?

The Pro-Extender is a penis extender that consists of a white plastic frame to hold your penis in the elongated, “extended” position, and applies tension with springs and metal rods inserted onto the left and right parts of the device.

The device uses a silica noose to clamp down onto your penis to secure it set up.

The rods are then finely tuned to the desired tension by twisting two screws on the sides regarding the device.

Sitting or standing, you can use it in both positions.

The unit is simple and doesn’t come with many parts, but does include a short instruction manual.

However, It isn’t manufactured in the United States �?

Components that Comprise this Penis Extender

Spring-Loaded Rods

There tend to be male and female screws at the top and bottom of each one of these rods that allow adjustment.

The Pro-Extender comes with three pairs of steel rods: Two short pairs and something long pair.

By attaching these rods to the ‘plastic base part’, you can set the tension that is applied to your penis.

We will dsicover later how to optimize the tension in this device.

Plastic Frame

This is a pretty standard plastic base component. It’s not made out of expensive or durable material, so it isn’t really a huge deal if it breaks – only you won’t be able to use the device.

Cool huh?

The Squishy Noose

The silica noose is a semi-hard, semi-soft, cylindirical piece of silca.

It is about 6 inches long and half a quarter of an inch in diameter. It really is sort of such as for instance a flexible, yet thick straw that is not hollow. It are bent and twisted, but only to a certain level.

This is however, a very common part in all penis extenders.

The Steps That You Might Take to Put on this Extender

  1. Choose which metal rods you will deploy in the device considering the tension setting you wish to apply to your penis.
  2. Screw in the metal rods.
  3. Fit the ‘white plastic base part’ around the base of your penis shaft and press it against the body.
  4. With one hand, hold pinch your glans and press against the opposite white part in the ‘white plastic frame’.
  5. Thread the ‘silica noose’ through the holes in the white part and pull it tighter until it clamps down just below the glans of your penis.
  6. Angle the cock extender up or down and tighten up the screws to lock the angle set up.

Disadvantages to Be Aware Of.

Want to adjust the force? That’s a pain in the a**.

Let me explain, there are a couple of reasons for this con.

One of the reason is that there are essentially only three metal rods that come with your whole system that can be installed and replaced.

This means you effectively only have 4 starting force states based on the combinaton of rods you put in.

Ok, so there are four beginning force settings as described above. Just how do you obtain any force level in between those?

Well, that brings up the secondary method to adjusting the force – you have to twist the screws for each rod to shorten and lengthen the rod length.

Not able to easily get both rods on both of the edges of the penis an even length.

Unfortuitously, this is a disadvantage that is inherent to all rod-based penis extenders.

Remember how we mentioned that after you install the metal rods on the unit, you have to twist the screws to adjust the height (and therefore, tension) associated with the rods?

Well, you have to do this for both rods on both sides of your penis.

For myself, I find I spend at the very least a minute hoping to get the height right for both sides of the device.

If both rods aren’t modified to the right height, then, you’re going having a lopsided, unstable device with the potential of your penis slipping away.

You could argue that a minute is not that long, but provided you have to wear and take off the device at least twice a day (yes, everyone will have to take it off to use the bathroom), and considering that you have to put on it for months, this little adjustment procedure will begin to just take its toll on you.

Anything that creates a small, yet tedious chore will add up in the long run because you multiply that extra work by however often times you’re assembling and disassembling the penis extender.

Pros of the Pro-Extender (Haha get it?)

The hold on your penis shaft is actually pretty good

We thought that the grip was not going to be good because the matter that anchors the top your shaft to the device is just the silica noose.

However, it actually makes a good, secure connection to your penis without pinching or irritating your cock shaft or glans in any way.

Practically impossible to use this extender in public.

Again, this is another common problem with cock extenders, and this one is no different.

That’s mainly because that the penis is being extended straight outwards.

While you can angle the penis extender downwards and wear free pants, like sweat pants, you might be able to get away with wearing it public.

But when it comes to finer, tighter pants like jeans and slacks, the extender is definitely going to show through.

Additionally, regardless if you tried to wear these tighter pants with the penis extender, it would feel pretty uncomfortable squeezing and rubbing against the penis extender.

So is this a buy or a no buy?

UPDATE: The Pro-Extender is no longer on the market – we’ll update this article if it comes back.

That’s not saying that it’s bad, in fact, it’s much better than doing manual stretching, with the immediate some time work savings that you’ll be getting.

The Pro-Extender is one of the early, basic designs for penis extender devices. A few comparable designs, like the SizeGenetics penis extender also came out a bit later trying to enhance on this basic formula.

Crazy interesting, right?

But the same can be said with for many penis extenders, and some do it better and with more benefits than just some time energy saved.

In fact, once we have found out with numerous of the guys that we worked with, simply having a rod-based penis extender is not enough.

Penis extender technology has come a long method since the original rod-based extender design.

There needs to be more that we demand out of the penis extenders. They want to be optimized for comfort, practicality, and a lot of importantly, user-experience.

These are the factors that determine the likelihood that you’ll put the unit on the next day, the day after that, and the day after that. And these constant days of wearing the device is what determines successful enlargement.