A Detailed-Yet-Critical Review of the PhalloGauge Penis Extender

Review by Jesse McLaughlin

Some have said that I have been too critical in my penis extender reviews.

That may be true, but the aim that I’m fully striving for is to be fair.

Most times, despite the pitfalls that I find in some devices, they are still useable and decent.

They would make excellent buys and provide you with the intended utility.

Ultimately, I just want you to be aware of what you’re getting. If it means fully aware, even more the better!

So the next penis extender I’ll be reviewing is the Model S penis extender by PhalloGauge.

First and Foremost: What is this Penis Extender?

Ok, here we go.

The PhalloGauge penis extender device is a penis extender that was developed to help guys stretch their oh-so-precious penis for extended periods of time without spending any right time or energy doing so.

It holds the man’s flaccid penis in an elongated, stretched position also known as  “traction”.

The traction position exerts a force that is gentle the penis shaft and the body responds by engaging in cell hyperplasia development in response to this force.

Each day, you will see start to see real length gains in a two to three months by wearing the PhalloGauge penis extender device for three to four hours.

The steps to put the dang thing on!

First, the foam loop the main Model S is looped around the base of the user’s cock.

Then a belt goes around the user’s waist and connects to the silicone plastic that grips the top of this shaft of the user’s penis.

The result is a nice pull that is stable to the user’s penis shaft.

The grip is extremely stable and doesn’t come off unless it is wanted by the user to.

It can be worn anytime through the and can even be used during ton of numerous activities day.

Oh, and nobody can detect in under your pants!

This is probably the first penis extender that reliably does this.

The secret? It had been designed with all the user’s experience at heart.

These individual experience design choices has made all the difference to their success for guys who purchased Phallogauge Model S penis extender product.

PEGym has a good tutorial in their beginners’ section of their forum.

What Makes this Penis Extender Unique?

The Model S penis extender was designed because the other tools that people used simply weren’t cutting it.

This is actually the conclusion after I did a detailed review on this penis extender.

Let’s go over some of the problems, shall we?

The problem with penis extenders is that they can slip and come off.

While some extenders may be used at a working office work place, it’s still not ideal because its devastating if they slip off.

Additionally, you’re additionally limited by the types of pants that you can wear with the extenders – only loose pants that are fitting. Tight pants are impossible to wear with tradition extender devices.

I’m not so bold as to walk out in public and have people staring at my crotch (if you know what I mean).

Another problem with penis extender devices is that they have so parts that are many keep track of.

Lose just one part? You’re screwed.

Additionally, fragility is a big problem.

That’s because there’s literally a force being held 100% of the time while using the device!

Again, you do not want to have all of them to slip off or break while you’re using them.

So, when you take all these issues into consideration, penis extender devices are a step in the direction that is right but they’re not perfect.

In an effort to make the penis extender device 100% invisible whenever worn in public, it was designed so that it would stretch the penis to the left or to the right.

Like skinny jeans? Well the Model S will integrate perfectly into your skinny jean lifestyle.

A plus that is big that even though your penis shaft is pointing to the left or right, you can easily twist your shaft to get fantastic stretches to target all your shaft ligaments.

The Model S uses a extremely soft, low-durometer silicone rubber polymer that stretches to fit with the top of the penis shaft snuggly without squeezing too tough since slippage is a deal breaker.

The silicone rubber melds with the penis shaft for a blending grip as an outcome.

Massive comfort – like a cushion on your cock.

Now, believe it or not, but the Model S is essentially composed of two parts that are main.

Compare this to the 5 or even 20 part penis extender devices that are out there.

The two main parts of the Model S are the belt and the silicone wrap that is gripping.

The beauty about having only two components is that it extremely simplifies the process of putting on and taking off the device.

And these parts aren’t small either – they are two large components that are main the Model S device.

All you have to do is put the belt on and attach it to the silicone wrap part.

To take it off, just unhook the 2 parts and it’ll naturally fall off on it’s own.

So is this Penis Extender Better than the Competition?

We would argue, yes, to a fair degree.

I’ll go over each point one by one, and in detail.

The PhalloGauge penis extender product is, without question, a game changer for men.

It allows dudes from all walks of life to boost their penis dimensions without hindrance, regardless of what their way of life is like.

The biggest advantage to using this penis extender device is it anywhere and any time that you can use.

Oh, and all you have to do to clean it is rinse it with water once in a while.

All possibility is removed by it of excuses and lifestyle hindrances that prevent you from reaching enlargement success.

Not to mention, you can additionally easily and stealthily fit it in your pocket like a cell phone, therefore it’s always on you. You literally don’t give yourself an excuse not to get your stretch in each day.

As we first stated earlier, Model S accomplishes this by stretching your penis to the side.

The advantage that is biggest of doing this? Your penis doesn’t stick out and create a bulge in your pants which will be observed by people in public.

Another huge advantage with your Model S penis extender device is if you are walking or running with it on that it doesn’t slip off even.

Remember when smartphones changed the market through “mobile computing”? PhalloGauge changes the market with “mobile automated stretching”.

This available up all types of opportunities because now it can be utilized in transportation and in other situations that tend to be mobile.

You will no longer have to to take wax off and then put it back on if you plan on moving between rooms or even plan on going outside.

Mobile is the key to the future. Really think about it.

Again, this really is another time and energy saver and makes the stretching that is whole immensely easier on yourself.

Are there any stretching risks associated with this device?

Another advantage that is big that you won’t overstretch and stunt your potential for progress.

What were to happen if you were to pull too hard? Injury.

Your body then responds by making the tissue that is septum and more difficult.

What occurs is that your penis’ septum will answer the potent force stimulus applied.

This is the contrary of what you want you want: maintain it flexible and pliant so that it can stretch out further and adapt to the force that is stretching and naturally.

See, whenever you’re wearing a extender device such as the Model S, you’re applying a constant, stable force for long periods of time.

The exact same can’t be said about manual stretching exercises.

(These haven’t been proven by the way).

See you may have more energy and pull harder than usual if you do manual stretching exercises, one day.

Ultimately, this leads to training that is inconsistent contradictory results.

I personally cannot stand it when an extender is not easy to use!

They just can’t think it is in themselves to accomplish it when they actually get home. Either work was tough that, or they just want to watch some TV and relax day.

]So, what typically happens is that many guys plan on doing the exercises when they get home from work.

See, there’s something extremely fun about privately using a penis extender device at work.

However, that guys tend to be found by us that use penis extender devices, especially the Model S, tend to be incredibly successful.

Finally! A penis extender built for busy men who simply do not have the time to do “exercises”.

Any man that desires a longer penis can benefit from this penis extender device.

Most guys deep down, do want a longer, larger penis.

Most of our PhalloGauge subscribers and visitors already are honest with themselves.

However, the undecided and guys that are unsure be on the fence for numerous factors.

Typically, guys get super motivated in the beginning.

One reason that is extremely common that dudes don’t have time to put in the work.

Then after a weeks that are few they start to lose momentum.

Pretty much, at that point, 100% of men will quit using the extender.

I’m sure you can guess what happens then: No results.

The PhalloGauge penis extender device was designed to address this issue.

It removes on a regular basis and effort that would generally be spent doing exercises which are manual.

Most guys work between 9 a.m. at 5 p.m. during the weekdays.

I don’t think your boss would approve of this! Thoughts of “sexual harassment” and chatting with PR come to mind.

Their manager and co-workers also wouldn’t approve of such activities at the working office either.

McLaughlin’s final review and score. The verdict by the crazy Irishman:

Remember, penis extender devices are scientifically proven to work.

You simply can’t deny this extender’s merits.

Consequently, it’s in your best interest to use this technology to your advantage so yourself up for a satisfying sex life and overall happiness and happiness in the other aspects of your life that you can set.

The Model S has improved upon the penis extender device formula that is traditional.

It allows all of them to concentrate on other things and yet tons of stuff done, because let’s be honest, investing our time stretching our penis is not the most thing that is enjoyable do.

It now allows guys to stretch anywhere and any right time without fear of becoming discovered by other people.

The Model S is only composed of two parts that are extremely durable avoids the hassle of working with many small parts and simplifies the process of putting on and taking off of the device.

Taking all these factors into consideration, this penis extender device is made for every man on the planet.

When that day happens, you’ll be so happy with the work it comes to life’s multiple challenges that you put in, and you’ll feel unstoppable when.

A Detailed Penis Extender Review of the Pro Extender

Penis extender review by Jesse McLaughlin

Hey guys!

Jesse here, bringing you another penis extender review!

After reading a little on what it’s like to wear a penis extender, as well as consider the factors you should consider when buying a penis extender, you’ve narrowed it down to a couple of choices.

Tried jelqing and stretches? Considering a penis extender?

You’re in the right place!

After all, your time and effort to try grow your own reliable penis extender device have failed or it just keeps falling apart or your penis keeps slipping out.

Here, we review the Pro-Extender penis extender, a device that characterizes the typical rod-based design.

So you arrived across the normal penis extender design – the rod-based design. Now you’re looking to see if this will perform something marvelous.

Will it work for you and be the tool that will provide you size that you can be happy with for the rest of your life? Let’s find out.

Ok, since we’re reviewing the Pro Extender – What is it?

The Pro-Extender is a penis extender that consists of a white plastic frame to hold your penis in the elongated, “extended” position, and applies tension with springs and metal rods inserted onto the left and right parts of the device.

The device uses a silica noose to clamp down onto your penis to secure it set up.

The rods are then finely tuned to the desired tension by twisting two screws on the sides regarding the device.

Sitting or standing, you can use it in both positions.

The unit is simple and doesn’t come with many parts, but does include a short instruction manual.

However, It isn’t manufactured in the United States 🙁

Components that Comprise this Penis Extender

Spring-Loaded Rods

There tend to be male and female screws at the top and bottom of each one of these rods that allow adjustment.

The Pro-Extender comes with three pairs of steel rods: Two short pairs and something long pair.

By attaching these rods to the ‘plastic base part’, you can set the tension that is applied to your penis.

We will dsicover later how to optimize the tension in this device.

Plastic Frame

This is a pretty standard plastic base component. It’s not made out of expensive or durable material, so it isn’t really a huge deal if it breaks – only you won’t be able to use the device.

Cool huh?

The Squishy Noose

The silica noose is a semi-hard, semi-soft, cylindirical piece of silca.

It is about 6 inches long and half a quarter of an inch in diameter. It really is sort of such as for instance a flexible, yet thick straw that is not hollow. It are bent and twisted, but only to a certain level.

This is however, a very common part in all penis extenders.

The Steps That You Might Take to Put on this Extender

  1. Choose which metal rods you will deploy in the device considering the tension setting you wish to apply to your penis.
  2. Screw in the metal rods.
  3. Fit the ‘white plastic base part’ around the base of your penis shaft and press it against the body.
  4. With one hand, hold pinch your glans and press against the opposite white part in the ‘white plastic frame’.
  5. Thread the ‘silica noose’ through the holes in the white part and pull it tighter until it clamps down just below the glans of your penis.
  6. Angle the cock extender up or down and tighten up the screws to lock the angle set up.

Disadvantages to Be Aware Of.

Want to adjust the force? That’s a pain in the a**.

Let me explain, there are a couple of reasons for this con.

One of the reason is that there are essentially only three metal rods that come with your whole system that can be installed and replaced.

This means you effectively only have 4 starting force states based on the combinaton of rods you put in.

Ok, so there are four beginning force settings as described above. Just how do you obtain any force level in between those?

Well, that brings up the secondary method to adjusting the force – you have to twist the screws for each rod to shorten and lengthen the rod length.

Not able to easily get both rods on both of the edges of the penis an even length.

Unfortuitously, this is a disadvantage that is inherent to all rod-based penis extenders.

Remember how we mentioned that after you install the metal rods on the unit, you have to twist the screws to adjust the height (and therefore, tension) associated with the rods?

Well, you have to do this for both rods on both sides of your penis.

For myself, I find I spend at the very least a minute hoping to get the height right for both sides of the device.

If both rods aren’t modified to the right height, then, you’re going having a lopsided, unstable device with the potential of your penis slipping away.

You could argue that a minute is not that long, but provided you have to wear and take off the device at least twice a day (yes, everyone will have to take it off to use the bathroom), and considering that you have to put on it for months, this little adjustment procedure will begin to just take its toll on you.

Anything that creates a small, yet tedious chore will add up in the long run because you multiply that extra work by however often times you’re assembling and disassembling the penis extender.

Pros of the Pro-Extender (Haha get it?)

The hold on your penis shaft is actually pretty good

We thought that the grip was not going to be good because the matter that anchors the top your shaft to the device is just the silica noose.

However, it actually makes a good, secure connection to your penis without pinching or irritating your cock shaft or glans in any way.

Practically impossible to use this extender in public.

Again, this is another common problem with cock extenders, and this one is no different.

That’s mainly because that the penis is being extended straight outwards.

While you can angle the penis extender downwards and wear free pants, like sweat pants, you might be able to get away with wearing it public.

But when it comes to finer, tighter pants like jeans and slacks, the extender is definitely going to show through.

Additionally, regardless if you tried to wear these tighter pants with the penis extender, it would feel pretty uncomfortable squeezing and rubbing against the penis extender.

So is this a buy or a no buy?

UPDATE: The Pro-Extender is no longer on the market – we’ll update this article if it comes back.

That’s not saying that it’s bad, in fact, it’s much better than doing manual stretching, with the immediate some time work savings that you’ll be getting.

The Pro-Extender is one of the early, basic designs for penis extender devices. A few comparable designs, like the SizeGenetics penis extender also came out a bit later trying to enhance on this basic formula.

Crazy interesting, right?

But the same can be said with for many penis extenders, and some do it better and with more benefits than just some time energy saved.

In fact, once we have found out with numerous of the guys that we worked with, simply having a rod-based penis extender is not enough.

Penis extender technology has come a long method since the original rod-based extender design.

There needs to be more that we demand out of the penis extenders. They want to be optimized for comfort, practicality, and a lot of importantly, user-experience.

These are the factors that determine the likelihood that you’ll put the unit on the next day, the day after that, and the day after that. And these constant days of wearing the device is what determines successful enlargement.

The X4 Labs Penis Extender Review by Jesse McLaughlin

Penis Extender Review Written by Jesse McLaughlin

Hey y’all, Jesse here, bringing you a fresh review of my impressions of the X4 Labs penis extender.

Since I’m not receiving a commission on this product, you can be 100% sure that my thoughts and critiques are 100% honest.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Introducting X4 Labs’ Penis Extender:

The X4 laboratories Penis Extender is actually not only a product that is single but fairly a lot of various packages based around a single penis stretcher that is rod-based.

The company that carries the X4 laboratories extender is offered from Canada which is friendly to Canadian, and somewhat friendly to U.S. consumers.

Therefore, since there are plenty combinations of packages that you could buy from their web site, we’re just going to cover the meat-and-potatoes of the dick extender, as well as review some of their side products and bonuses, individually.

Here’s what it’s like to put it on and wear it.

It’s like a cock extender that is traditional.

If you’ve actually made use of a exteder that is rod-based, such as the Jes-Extender, SizeGenetics, or Male Edge, you pretty much understand what you’re getting into when you employ the X4 Labs cock extender.

That being stated, a distinctions can be found by you that are few it comes to sporting it.

The one that is first is noticeable the way in which the top of your penis shaft is strapped into the device.

A options tend to be given by this extender being few many notably the silicone noosese or the foam straps.

The silicone is preferred by me nooses, simply since there is less stuff to manage.

Regardless, it is a stretcher that is very is actually strong if money isn’t an issue – you’ll be pleased with that which you’re getting right here.

Thus then there are better quality and cheaper options nowadays if you do end up reverting to the silicone noose that is standard.

The straps with foam padding are ok, but they start to warm my penis up a bit excessively and my crotch starts to get sweaty.

That’s fine and all, but how do I put it on!!!

  • Time put your pants that are own on and proceed together with your own.
  • Pick the metal that is right for the tension you wish to put into action and install them in the framework regarding the device.
  • Angle the penis stretcher to your desired angle.
  • Place the top of your shaft on the shaft platform.
  • Check out secure your penis head and shaft by inserting the straps or nooses, whichever your favor.
  • Fit the base part around the bottom of the shaft of one’s penis, against the pelvis.

Grading the comfort of this penis extender

There are two competing penis extenders: Sizegenetics and PeniMaster Pro. How does X4 compare to these in terms of comfort?

Despite this, there is actually isn’t much difference that is noticeable the user viewpoint.

This penis extender is actually actually relatively cozy.

For many guys, however, this will be sufficient. Simply wouldn’t be prepared to keep this extender on if you fancy to contort your feet or sit in cross-legged positions.

When wearing the unit, you’re pretty much restricted to the office-chair that is standard and sit.

When this occurs that is true you will just need compare the cost and shipping options and work out your own decision from indeed there.

What you may like about this penis extender.

I do have to say, the box is quite sleek and nice.

But I don’t expect lots of you need to be bragging about having these penis extender items to the close friends, if you should be like me, it’s probably only likely to be sitting in my own closet the time that is whole.

We really like the design of the box that their products that are own in. It looks pro and clean.

How does the refund process work? Is there even one?

However, there are always a few of caveats to this guarantee that is money-back.

I mean, then you’re not likely heading to like the terms with this arrangement that is money-back you have a difficult time spending your credit card statement on time.

I’m pretty sure then chances are you will lose out on getting your money that is own correct if you neglect a measurement session.

The assurance lasts for 6 several months after buying it. After that, you’re out of luck. This is pretty fair, in my experience.

While I’ve never redeemed it, its nice to understand that they do have one that can use within the event that things go south.

For those of you of you who tend to be really responsible along with you are going to probably be successful with this logging program, and thus have actually a higher chance of being ready to actually redeem the guarantee that is money-back on it(never late for work, for instance.

A money is actually had by them back guarantee which is pretty nice.

That is fair, but hard.

Particularly, you need to register your device and comply with their tracking protocol.

You literally have to record your progress that is entire by measurements after each session utilizing their web-based app.

The facts that you simply can’t ignore: Disadvantages to consider.

A $200+ price tag for most of their options.

Jesus Christ, for the amount they  charge for their product, you’d think they were the 5th or 6th reseller!

They’re trying to upsell you things that are pointless you performn’t even require.

Plenty that is entire of bundles carry outn’t offer something particularly even new or useful.

And that’s the problem.

X4 Labs provides so packages that are many is in reality a bit bewildering.

There are a packages that are few are clear rip offs – particularly, the ones that exceed $250, however, there are some that are sensible, that can come without the add-ons that are pointless.

Suspicious marketing techniques that really turn you off.

That is, sales is had by them that is perpetual on.

They always claim to have “sales” with conclusion timers on them that don’t genuine expire.

Yeah, this advertisement has been here forever. Literally. And 80% down? sounds a bit also great to be real.

That is a tactic used in marketing getting one to purchase immediately because the price actually seems lower, when in fact, they are still making a good to profit that is large the price markdown.

You need certainly to consider while it’s not naturally bad, it’s still something because you aren’t sure exactly what the actual price is basically because it’s perpetually distorted.

An Extensive Look at the Phallosan: A Penis Extender Review

Penis Extender Review by Jesse McLaughlin

Alright, Phallosan: What is it? Such a weird device right?

The PhalloSan is a penis extender that consists of a few parts.

The first part grips onto your penis using a vacuum-based suction bell.

The next part is made up of foam loop similar to the PhalloGauge Model S penis extender that goes around the bottom of your penis shaft.

The past part is a buckle that links the foam loop as well as the gripping suction bell together.

Ok, what are the parts that the PhalloSan extender comes with?

Let’s go on the parts that the PhalloSan comes with.

  1. Foam Loop – This goes around the base of your penis, just against your pelvis. Oahu is the point for the pulling force.
  2. White Elastic Belt – A pretty standard elastic belt that is adjustable in length, which also allows you to adjust how hard you’re pulling on your penis.
  3. Suction Bell – A plastic chamber that holds the end of your penis (your glans, a.k.a mushroom tip) using a light vacuum.
  4. Condom Sleeve – This condom sleeve comes in 3 different sizes (small, medium, and large), and it is affixed to the suction bell and your upper penis shaft.
  5. Mini Vacuum Plunger – This part lives on the the surface of the suction bell and you press it to create a sucking force within the Suction Bell.
  6. Mating Hooks – One hook is on the end of this White Elastic Belt and connects to the other hook connected to the Suction Bell.
  7. Baby Powder – This white dust which you are able to buy from any drugstore is necessary to add to your penis shaft to prevent tearing (and purchasing a replacement) of the condom sleeve when it is deployed.

The procedure that one would follow to wear the PhalloSan penis extender

The steps to put on the PhalloSan Forte are fairly numerous, but we will go into detail here.

Before you start, make sure that there’s no hair on your penis shaft. This will make it easier to get the part known as the ‘condom sleeve’ to stay in place.

Ok, the very first step is to put on the ‘suction bell’ and ‘condom sleeve’ combo.

When the product gets to your doorstep, a condom sleeve (usually medium) is already installed on the suction bell.

If not, youare going to have to firmly, but carefully, remove the one on there and replace it with the large or small condom sleeve. Remember, you don’t want to accidentlly rip the condom sleeve (a spare costs about) $26.90 + $12 shipping!

Once you picked the right condom sleeve, roll it up towards the suction bell, kind of like you’re going right up you shirt sleeves.

Next, pat your penis shaft with some baby powder. It also helps to get some baby powder on the condom sleeve also. Remember, you have to use baby powder or else you risk tearing your condom sleeve (I can speak from personal experience).

Next, with your penis flaccid, not erect, stick your penis glans (penis tip) past the now-rolled-up condom sleeve and into the suction bell opening.

Now roll the condom sleeve back down onto your shaft.

Next, give the ‘mini vacuum plunger’ a few pumps to push the extra air out of the device. This secures your penis inside the ‘suction bell’ + ‘condom sleeve’ combo part.

Now rotate the mini vacuum plunger to the ‘lock position’ as indicated regarding the suction bell.

Next, place the ‘foam loop’ around the base of one’s penis.

Next, pull the belt around your waist and connect the ‘mating hooks’ of the belt and the sucking belt together.

Now you’re done! You can proceed to put on your own underwear and pants and go about other activities.

Major Advantages that you want to understand.

One fantastic thing about the PhalloSan is that it supplies a nice, comfortable stretch through the entire day.

Because the stretch is to the side, you have a little bit more flexibility and opportunities to wear it during the day (compared to rod-based penis extenders).

The parts look nice. The foam loop and elastic gear are particularly nice as well.

Another great thing is that you can easily adjust the force in the belt by adjusting the buckle on the flexible belt. You can even change the force when you’re wearing the device.

The hard-breaking truth. Things that I won’t let slide with this penis extender…

Oh. My. God. The Price.

One of the biggest cons is that is that it costs $339.00 plus $25 for shipping.

Another con is that the spare silicone sleeves cost $26.90 plus $12 for shipping.

Spare protector limits costs $24.90 plus $12 for shipping.

As you can plainly see, you are going to be investing quite a bit if you determine to use a PhalloSan.

Expense put aside, let us consider some of the user-experience disadvantages.

Slippage is a real problem with the condom sleeves that are exclusive to this product.

One problem that some guys may have trouble with is the ability keeping their own penis fixed inside the sucking bell.

That’s not to state that everybody else will have this problem, but from my personal experience, the vacuum would weaken over time while I worn the device, and eventually give.

The result is that the glans (mushroom tip) of my penis ends up inside the middle of the case, not the the actual suction bell chamber.

The situation with this happening is the fact that actual force pulled on your own penis changes and you’re not getting the specific pull compared to when you originally set on the device.

Eventually, wear it for long enough after your glans has slipped from the suction bell to the center of the sleeve, and your own penis will slip out of the device altogether.

Another potential problem is that the sleeves may not fit you (well). Remember, they have actually 3 sizes of condom sleeves (large, medium, and small). Unfortunately, the issue arises whenever the best fit is truly in between two of these dimensions.

From the when I was first starting out, the medium condom was too large for me (I kept slipping out), together with tiny condom was too tight (It kept choking out my penis).

Ultimately after I gained some size, I was ready to use the medium condom much more reliably.

Now again, some guys may not experience this problem – a medium-sized condom may finish up being a perfect fit, so that’s just a risk that you’re going having to take.

Downward stretching? Not possible here.

Why would you want to do a downward stretch anyways?

If you tried to really have the device take downwards in your penis and tuck your penis between your legs, like in a homemade penis extender, you’ll run into problems.

The issue is that the suction bell is method also huge to fit between your legs. Maybe you will get it down there between your legs, but then your butt is going to be sitting on the surface of the suction bell all day – very uncomfortable, I tried it.

Additionally, this is not correct operation of the device, so not only tend to be you not supposed to use the device like this, you can’t even do it anyways.

You simply cannot wear this device out of the house. It stands out and is too noticeable.

The issue starts to occur when the pants become tighter and more fitted. These are pants like jeans (slim, skinny), and fit pants which are are tailored to fit you well.

This is not inherently a bad thing.

In fact, there’s several jeans that you can wear because of the PhalloSan penis extender.

When you try to use these forms of trousers with the PhalloSan, the suction bell creates a fat that is very visible through the pants. Again, not the most effective idea if you plan to go outside with this thing on.

Nonetheless some pants that seem to utilize the PhalloSan are the looser ones. Sweat pants work well right here.

Want to use the bathroom? Well, you’re going to be adding an extra 5 minutes every time you have to pee.

No, the PhalloSan doesn’t affect your system’s ability to use the bathroom, rather, it’s the tasks that are required to take of the device (before doing your business) and putting it back on (after you’ve relieved yourself).

Think of what’s going on if you are wearing the PhalloSan penis stretcher and then you must make use of the bathroom.

You go to the bathroom, find a nice stall to get some privacy, and realize that you have to lose the device.

Okay, so you have to launch the vacuum in the suction bell. Next you have to un-roll the condom and pop your cock out of that process. Once that is done, you can put that part off to the side, say on the toilet paper dispenser. Defintely don’t want that dropping into the toilet!

Once you have got the penis extender off and placed to the side, you can do your ‘business’.

Next you need to take off the gear and foam loop. This component is actually not that bad.

Once finished actually using the bathroom, you can proceed to put the device back on. This requires doing the entire process in reverse, all over again.

Therefore if you have difficulty getting the PhalloSan to remain on – that is actually, if you’re one to commonly experience suction problems and slippage, then, you’re going to have a bad time. Not just once, but everytime you have actually to use the bathroom!

Quite frankly, since the PhalloSan consists of a long assembly process (at least 1.5 minutes, requires child powder), you’ll find the process tedious and the is one of the biggest factors that causes guys to “fall off” and give up on penis enlargement.

Quite frankly, the vacuum bell doesn’t add any extra utility. It’s a gimmick.

This is the biggest misconception with the PhalloSan penis extender.

Some people like to believe that the prescense of the vacuum bell increases their length gains.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth because there’s actual data researching a rod-based extender and the PhalloSan extender.

Leave’s compare the results of both types of penis extenders.

One rod-based extender, the Sizegenetics, showed an average length increase of 0.7 inches over the span of 6 months.

The PhalloSan’s clinical study also reported an normal length enhance of 0.7 inches over 6 months of usage.

Clearly, discover no benefit to wearing the PhalloSan if you should be expecting to get more effects, or even faster effects.

Again, this all goes back to the principles of hyperplasia and penis stretching – All you need to do is apply a extending force for long expanses of time (approx. 4-6 hours each day). Adding a vacuum bell will not change this scientific reality.

To sum up everything about the PhalloSan Penis Extender:

To conclude, the PhalloSan is a good penis extender to use in the event that you’re looking something to work.

However, the cost is a little hard to justify – $339 + $25 already takes one to spending $364 straight away.

You also need to think about some of the requirements that come with using this device, and ask yourself whether it’s well worth it:

  • Extensive put-on and removing procedure (roll back condom, apply baby powder, match penis in, roll foward condom, put on belt)
  • Have to pat your penis and the condom sleeve with baby powder everytime you make use of it.
  • Cannot wear in public areas with all types of pants – this might be dependent on your way of living of course.

Now, some might not even consider these cons, but you should be cautious because if you find this too tedious, your PhalloSan is just heading to wind up collecting dust = $364 wasted.